Landing Page Design

landing page design

Why a Landing Page?
Converting traffic to sales is key, and using online advertising and SEO to increase your traffic means you need to be utilizing a landing page.

When a visitor gets to your landing page it, in essence, gives them direction, it allows for a specific action like posting your page in online communities where others can view or purchase a product. Rather than direct them to your homepage, where they may not understand what to do next, a landing page will help get them to that next step.

By utilizing a landing page your business can increase sales, less bounce rate along with other perks.

What is the cost for a landing page?

The price of a landing page can vary. A single landing page price can be influenced by the amount of development, content, optimization, and testing needed for it. A modest PPC landing page may be low in cost but a social media landing page that is complicated with strong calls to action and special effects will require a greater investment.

Landing Page: You never have a second chance to make a first impression
A tremendous job, with only a few vital seconds to complete it, a landing page just like other marketing initiatives has to make that critical first impression count. Your landing page needs to tell who you are, how credible your content or offering is and how to they can benefit from the offer or share that content with their friends. The landing page, it can be the spark of online buzz for your company or the piece that closes the deal.

If your landing page lacks focus and intent, then visitors will bounce. When time is precious, savvy users don’t want to waste it figuring out if you’re trustworthy. That is why your landing page design is critical, as they can ascertain that quickly from there. A landing page should also coincide with your online ad or page content because if they don’t then visitors are likely to leave instead of wasting their time figuring out where they are.

You need to have a clear, concise and strong landing page design in order to entice visitors to convert. Your landing page design should represent your brand, be professional and also mimic the content or exclusive offer. These elements are all included in top landing page designs, aiding in their success.

Landing page design