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Mobile marketing

Mobile Advertising

Smartphone use is at an all-time high, nearly everyone has one now. Getting to your target audience means reaching them on the formats they use most frequently. This is where Rocket Booster Media’s mobile marketing and advertising comes into play.

Reaching viewers is key, and with our mobile advertising plan, we give you optimum reach across mobile formats such as Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Mobile optimized ads for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are no problem either as we have the capability to do those as well.

Mobile optimized ads are fantastic for reaching app users as they can be applied across smartphones and tablets and even used for apps that “check-in” when you’re at a favorite spot or restaurant. It is all about reaching out and ensuring your mobile marketing plan is accessible to as many people as possible wherever they may be.

With our mobile advertising plan you will get eye-catching, appealing ads designed to fit across the most used search engines and apps. Don’t hope that your ad will get noticed, join forces with Rocket Booster Media to be certain your ad is going to get the reaction you want.

Rocket Booster Media’s mobile marketing team understands how to get the most from potential customers that are on the move. This is reflected in our mobile marketing plans, our plans will allow you to achieve the greatest ROI from the strategies you are looking to employ.

Text Message Marketing

With text message marketing you can be assured you will get an instant, clear and concise connection with your customer. You won’t have to worry about your message being formatted improperly by a browser thus not allowing it to convey the message you are looking to deliver. Allow customers to opt-in for messages and grow your database. Decide on what you wish to achieve and then let Rocket Booster Media design service to help you meet those goals.

Geo-Fencing SMS Marketing

To ensure you get the most from mobile messaging, Rocket Booster Media employs Geo-Fencing technology. The use of this technology allows for better targeting of customers allowing for a higher interaction and conversion rate, as it as done during a time when it’s highly probable they will visit your business. If they are local to your business, then Geo-Fencing will get them to your store!

This technology works by creating a virtual boundary around the location of your business. Once an SMS subscriber crosses into that boundary created by the Geo-Fence, they trigger for that location and a message is sent.

To ensure a high success rate with location-based texts you need to offer promotions that are captivating and time-sensitive to those potential customers. From local nail salons offering a discount on a manicure/pedicure or a restaurant offering a lunch special until 1 pm, its these kinds of messages that allow for a perfect opportunity to attract that first-time patron to your business.

SMS Coupons, Promotions, and Contests

Rocket Booster Media’s SMS marketing plan gets you guaranteed delivery across all mobile networks, allowing your message to always reach your targeted audience.

Once someone opts in for your text messaging service, Rocket Booster Media will manage that list of potential customer’s phone numbers. We will then work with you in creating exclusive coupons, promotions, and a contest for your business. When compared to other contests, texting contests are simple, easy and generate fast results for participants. Some examples of these contests include mobile treasure hunts or “text to win”.