SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization

We start our SEO Consulting with a full analysis of your website, assessing what actions we can take to best optimize it for search engines. Rocket Booster Media then uses this analysis to help generate recommendations that can help improve your search engine rankings and your website. Our recommendations could include broken links, dangling links, error pages, similar title tags, duplicate content, HTML validation, meta description, web copy editing, page load times, browser compatibility, site statistics and search engine rankings.

This is just a brief list of the many components Rocket Booster Media will direct our attention to during our SEO audit procedure. When attracting search engine crawlers each of these factors has an impact, in addition to impacting customers making it to your site. With our SEO audit, we will be able to see precisely where you can improve so you can then enhance your rank in search engines.

Why do I need an SEO Audit?

If you are having a hard time understanding why you aren’t ranking with your intended keywords, then our SEO Audit is for you. You may suspect content duplication or maybe your site is just running too slowly, but don’t have access to the tools required to make such a deduction, that’s where we come into action.

At Rocket Booster Media our SEO audit plans include a full in-depth look at any and all possible factors. This includes vital components such as titles, tags, and complete sitemaps. With a thorough look over your website, we can determine precisely what areas to improve your marketing strategy, and how to make those improvements.

We highly recommend SEO Audits if you are encountering issues with ranking and are looking for sound, knowledgeable advice on taking the next steps to address it. Newly started businesses can also benefit from an SEO Audit, aiding in web page improvements early on. Aiding in an effective marketing strategy, SEO audits are a necessary first step to help your business grow.

On-Page Factors Affecting SEO

So you have a beautifully done website, but can’t understand why it is not getting seen? Often we clients with well-crafted, attractive and engaging websites that aren’t able to rank in search engines, and aren’t sure why. If it has so much to offer, why doesn’t it rank well?

Through our experience, we have found that this is generally a content issue in one way or another — things such as duplicate content, not enough content or missing or similar meta descriptions and title tags. With our SEO audit, Rocket Booster Media can find these issues and make a recommendation on the necessary changes. You will see once corrected these changes will have an instant and helpful impact on your search rankings.

Isolating Off-Page Factors That Affect Search Positions

There is another category of factors that can affect your organic search position. Off-page factors. These factors make up a large percentage of a search engine’s ranking algorithm, which makes accurate off-page analysis hypercritical. The main focus of these factors is mainly on links, such as where links are placed, the number of links and the anchor text that is used.

Your typical visitor isn’t able to see these off-page factors, and manual identification proves difficult. Luckily, at Rocket Booster Media we are equipped with the tools necessary allowing us to make an off-page analysis of your site. This allows for proper identification of off-page factors causing problems, and for Rocket Booster Media to make recommendations to help correct and build your online presence.

Factors Regarding Server Configuration And Your Ranking

Your server is like a storage facility, loaded with various files needed to keep your website functioning. Files such as sitemap.xml, .htaccess and robots.txt are all present and dictate how a search engine accesses and then indexes your content. If these files aren’t organized properly, it could have huge repercussions on your search rankings.

What do these files do?

  • The sitemap.xml file is created to enable search engines to better crawl over your website. It also helps visitors scan and acquires the information they need quickly when visiting your website. It also provides a short description and link for each page of your site, delivering a hierarchy of most relevant to least relevant pages on your site.
  • The .htaccess is a configuration file that deals with site access issues. It allows you to say who can or cannot access files on your directories and also apply URL redirects and custom error pages.
  • The Robots.TXT is a preventative measure file that prevents crawlers from accessing folders that weaken your website such as PDF files. It is highly essential these files be done in a specific manner when used.

How Do I Get Started With an SEO Audit?

You can either email or call us to get started on your SEO audit. The team at Rocket Booster Media will help you choose the best plan then set up a convenient time for the process. Once concluded we will then review the results with you and help to formulate a launch process to get your website performing optimally and ranking well.

Ready to propel your business to success with local an SEO audit?  Rocket Booster Media are Sarasota SEO experts. Give Rocket Booster Media a call at 866.491.8285, and we will be happy to get your business started on its flight path to success!