5 Ways To Speed Up Your Website

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Speeding up your website may earn you more conversions.  Digital Marketing strategies are used to attract new leads to your website.  It takes time, money and effort to get leads to visit your site and learn about your business. The effort can be wasted if your landing pages don’t load fast enough.

Slow-loading website pages may result in leads not seeing your page and going to a competitors page.   If you spent the effort to get users to your site, you want to convert them to a customer.  You must make sure your pages load fast.

It is critical that you improve your site’s page speed so you can reach new leads who are interested and engaged with your business.

How to improve your website speed

  1. Optimize your images

    When improving your site speed images are one of the easiest items to optimize.  Large image files are a very common culprit for slow loading pages. The best way to handle your images is to resize and compress them. You can compress image files to make the file size smaller without losing the quality of the image. You can also improve your site speed by minimizing the size of your photos. Your photos should be tailored to fit into your website’s design. By resizing the dimension of your photo, you reduce the size of the photo to load your site faster.

  2. Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript files

    When novice programmers create sites, often they leave white space, characters, and comments in the code. It may not seem like much, but it impacts the size of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files. This is a common issue for slowing down sites, but it is an easy fix. You can reduce the size of your file by eliminating these extra pieces in the coding. By eliminating the white space and comments, you can drastically reduce the size of your files.

  3. Use a content delivery network

    If you want your pages to run more efficiently, you need to use a content delivery network (CDN). A CDN is important to your audience because it makes their experience on your site better. This CDN is important to your audience because it enables them to access your information quickly and efficiently.

    Your customers go to your site and get the information from the server that is closest to them. Instead of relying on your server, they can gather information from the closest server, which makes it easier to load your pages. Think of it this way: If your business is in Florida, imagine how long it would take for your page to load for someone in Paris. If they’re relying on your server, it would take entirely too long for the page to load for them. Instead of relying on your server, they can use a server that is closest to them in Paris.

    This ensures that your website runs quickly and efficiently for your audience, regardless of their location.

  4. Optimize your site for mobile

    Responsive design is becoming increasingly important as mobile usage increases. It is important that your site is optimized for mobile users so it looks great and functions well no matter the device someone uses to view it.
    You don’t want mobile users to wait for the desktop version of your site to load. It will take longer and won’t be properly formatted for your audience. Responsive design ensures that your site is suitable for mobile users and that they can access information easily.

  5. Enable browser caching

    When you visit a site, you may notice that the elements take time to load. These elements as stored in the cache of your hard drive. This is temporary storage, where the site remembers all the elements you’ve downloaded from that site. By enabling browser caching, you make it easy for your page to load the next time someone visits. Browser Caching loads the information more quickly because the information is already temporarily stored. Enabling browser caching will help you reduce your load time and keep users engaged on your site.

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