Email Marketing

email marketing

Utilize your list of subscribers to your full advantage with an optimized email strategy. It is vital for your company to stay in touch and with properly generated subject lines, great email designs and powerful landing pages to accompany those emails you can increase your business and ROI.

Vital facts to consider when thinking about email marketing.

  1. Always be visible to your customers.
  2. Always be in communication with your customers.
  3. Always remind your customers of the value you bring to them.
  4. And always show your customers how you set yourself apart from the competition.

You can significantly increase your sales by keeping these simple facts in mind and by using effective public relations techniques to drive them home.

Rocket Booster Media can help you harness the power of email marketing to interact with your customers, increase revenue, referrals, and repeat business to your company.

Our approach to email marketing takes into account important aspects to help ensure you maximize your online marketing along with your ROI.

Rocket Booster will:

  1. Research your audience and gather data.

Acquire relevant audience information such as company, title and location.   Don’t overreach on information gathering. Understand nature of recipient and their needs.

  1. Evaluate objectives and goals.

You only have a few seconds to garner attention with email. Have a clear focus and intent with your message, too much information and readers will stray.

  1. Email Configuration.

With a carefully designed and configured email you can generate clicks back to your website. Taking them to a landing page that reinforces what was in the email is good way to heighten the customer experience.

By properly analyzing your market segment and understanding past user activity relevant messages will be sent to those who anticipate them.

  1. Analyze and Report.

To ensure the highest possible percentage of your subscribers open and click-through your email campaign, we will find the optimal time and frequency to reach out to your customers to get actionable results.

Targeted opt-in email marketing is a great way to connect with people on an individual level and get useful feedback from them.

Some of the many uses of this tool include:

  • Email newsletters that attract and engage the recipient;
  • Money-saving email coupons and promotions;
  • Email invitations to important upcoming events.

Rocket Booster Media’s custom surveys & polls is another great initiative to engage your customer and determine their needs